Galy Shwartz @ GS StudioThe jewelry designer Galy Shwartz is a graduate of the Jewelry department of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Galy Shwartz’s jewelries are unique, different and sophisticated. The jewels she create are made of original, self developed materials which are the result of research and experiments. They undergo different processes in which she makes use of a variety of techniques.

Crystals, polymers, leather and metals are integrated into jewelry with Presence and Saying. The jewels consist of pieces that reflect both fashion and art.

In her various collections one can find small and classic items as well as large and complex Statement pieces.

The inspiration to Galy’s concept is derived from a wide variety of sources, among which are nature, music, different eras and cultures, side by side with everyday, environmental-oriented sceneries.

The jewels are hand-crafted, with emphasis on quality. Every small detail receives the utmost attention.

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